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Today's stock market _ stock market market trend chart

The award ceremony of 2020 digital strategic leaders summit of home furnishing industry can win the "most influential leader brand" award in the first "Stan cloud Cup", which is worthy of the name of nature flooring. In 2020, before th

Two times of goodwill impairment totalling more than 3 billion yuan, and the goodwill formed by the merger and acquisition of Shanghai Xinhe, Shanghai Jichuang, Shanghai Lindong and Shanghai Aotou have been fully withdrawn. The exchange once issued an inq

Data shows that at present, the daily turnover of semiconductor and component plate is about 110 billion yuan. In other words, on the first day of listing, the turnover of SMIC technology accounted for nearly half of the plate turnover.Four years later, o

Another announcement on the same day showed that the subsidiary Dongfang Fortune Securities intends to issue corporate bonds to professional investors, among which, the scale of private bond issuance is no more than 5 billion yuan (including 5 billion yua

The first on the right is Li Ziqi. On July 30, according to the enterprise investigation, Guangxi xingliu Food Co., Ltd. was established on July 29 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan and its legal representative is Lou Yongjian. Its business scop

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