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Short-term stock operations

The main reason for the illegal occupation of the funds of Short-term stock operationslisted companies by major shareholders is that major shareholders are short of money, and there is no matching internal control system within listed companies to restrict major shareholders, and the system is in vain. Professor Pan Helin, Executive Dean of the Institute of Digital Economy, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, said in an interview.

The three major signals of A-share bottoming have gradually become clear, and the value in global capital re-allocation has gradually been recognized. One is the external signal. The liquidity risk of the global dollar shortage has been eased, the risk asset pricing mechanism has been restored, and the market has switched from a panic period to a cooling-off period. The second is a signal of domestic liquidity. Allocation funds dominate the resumption of net inflows of northbound funds. Industrial capital repurchases and holdings are becoming more frequent, and the willingness to enter the market through strategic investment channels will increase in the future. The third is the policy signal. After a consensus was reached at the Politburo meeting, the implementation of monetary and fiscal policies was accelerated.

On March 3, the institutional and business department seats in the Dragon and Tiger List bought a net 6.5 billion yuan, of which 21 stocks were net-buyed and 20 stocks were net-sold. The top three stocks for net purchases were Weishitong, ArcherMind Technology, and Saturday. Net purchases accounted for 139%, 105%, and 88% of the day's turnover.

Thanks to the overall growth of the semiconductor industry, Jiangfeng Electronics (300666) increased its revenue by 556% year-on-year to 3.3 billion yuan in the first half of this year, and its net profit increased by 1911% year-on-year to 408.4 million yuan. The company stated that the sales of its main products, tantalum target, aluminum target, and titanium target continued to grow, with a year-on-year increase of 527%, 282% and 464% respectively. While the target products used in the semiconductor field continue to grow, the company's orders for target materials in the flat panel display field have also increased significantly.

In addition, Yan Yuejin also said that the essence of such policies is actually the adjustment of ordinary housing standards. In fact, there are many cities that need to adjust the standard of ordinary housing. Generally speaking, according to the real estate cycle, adjustment is required every three years. The content of the policy this time is also instructive for many cities across the country, that is, the follow-up also needs to actively adjust the standard of ordinary housing according to the city's housing prices and ordinary housing needs, so that more people can enjoy preferential policies.

The stocks with greater potential may come from companies in the following four areas: 1. Companies that benefit from the company's capacity expansion, market demand picking up, and product prices rising, and other companies with rapid growth in theirShort-term stock operations main business. 2. Industry companies supported by policies. 3. Companies with relatively good fundamentals and smaller shares. 4. Companies with sustained growth in performance but limited previous growth and low valuations.

The adjustment of investor suitability management requirements for the New OTC market, which has received much attention, was announced yesterday. As one of the supporting rules of the "Administrative Measures on the Suitability of Securities and Futures Investors", the "Regulations for the Administration of Investor Suitability of the National Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Share Transfer System (Trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Detailed Rules") was released yesterday and will start in July Implement.

Fan Bo of AVIC Securities has expressed very clearly in the recent days regarding the attitude of the ChiNext, from the previous impossibility to the doable situation, in view of this, we wrote last Friday (September 1) "The GEM appeared for six months The blog post of "First Light" indicates that the current market has entered a cycle of common activity on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market.

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