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Regarding the recent How to buy resumed stocksstrong rise in the A-share liquor sector, Liu Qingshan pointed out that the moat of liquor in the consumer sector is certain. Although it faces adjustment pressure in the short term, in the long run, the industry structure is stable, and some companies with wide moats still have great potential.

Bosera Macro said that the temporary relief of economic fundamental pressures, the more effective policy environment for the stock market, the State Council executive meeting's efforts to do a good job in the six stabilization work, etc. led to the accelerated rebound of A, and the gradual landing of the risk of external disturbances also boosted A-share investor sentiment . Looking forward to September, the fundamentals of A-shares will temporarily enter a vacuum, benefiting from favorable policies and boosting sentiment, A-shares may have phased performance, investors may be more active than the previous period, and the layout of sectors where risk appetite has rebounded, such as finance and prosperity Rising technological themes, etc.

From the data in Table 4, this week's short-term momentum is mainly concentrated on Shenzhen Stock Connect. Shenzhen Stock Connect mainly sold Changan Automobile, Estun, Lier Chemical, Jiemei Technology (002859), TCL Technology, Jingu (002488), Dongxu Optoelectronics (000413).

For example, life insurance (group) companies bought China SSE 50 ETF and Huatai Bai Rui CSI 300 ETF, both of which were among the top ten holders of the above funds; life insurance purchased 5.8 billion E Fund ETF ETFs in the second half of last year, increasing Hold 156%; Life, People's Property Insurance products, etc. have all increased their holdings in the Southern China Securities 500 ETF, ranking among the top ten holders of the fund.

Judging from the flow of major funds from 28 industries at Shenwan I, market sentiment is still relatively stable, with a total of 10 industries showing net inflows, basically the same as last week. However, it should be noted that only one industry has a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan, that is, 2.9 billion yuan in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, which shows that the market is less enthusiastic.

① The incentive for this adjustment is the sharp decline in the external market. The essence is that the liquidity drives the market to rise rapidly after the holiday, but the fundamentals are poor, and the market pattern is similar to the beginning of August to early December, 2019How to buy resumed stocks. ②The time and space of market consolidation needs to track the progress of the global new crown epidemic and hedging policies. The valuation quantile of A-shares is better than that of US stocks, and the medium-term trend of the stock market depends on internal fundamentals. ③ Profit W will eventually rebound after the second bottoming. The upward pattern of the market remains unchanged throughout the year. Firm confidence and patience. After the break, the main line will remain technology + brokerage.

However, breaking the game may not be that complicated-a popular popular product like "Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World" is enough to make the public ignore other followers in the competition, and then dominate the public's IP with its own rhythm. Established impression to obtain the advantage of initiative.

On the evening of July 16, the bank announced that it would invest 2 billion yuan to participate in the investment in the National Green Development Fund Co., Ltd., and the payment will be made in five years from the date of registration of the National Green Development Fund. According to the "Promoter Agreement", the bank's subscribed capital contributed 2599%. The National Green Development Fund Corporation was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and the municipal government. The Ministry of Finance, the provinces and cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt and some financial institutions, state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises invested in the establishment, with a registered capital of 88.5 billion yuan. The Ministry of Finance is the largest shareholder with a shareholding ratio of 12995%. The fund takes the implementation of the country's overall requirements for strengthening the construction of ecological civilization as its business purpose, and promotes green, sustainable and high-quality economic development in accordance with the operating principles of implementing national strategies, implementing market-oriented operations, and adopting diversified investment. The Green Development Fund Company will focus on the provinces and cities along the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and appropriately radiate other national key strategic areas, focusing on investment in pollution control, ecological restoration, land and space greening, energy resource conservation and utilization, green transportation and clean energy and other green development fields.

From an industry perspective, traditional industries have low valuations but no economic prospects. The technology and consumer industries have historically high valuations, and short-term opportunities are unclear. However, in the long run, technology and consumption are the direction of economic transformation and upgrading, and long-term layout is recommended.