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Chen Lifen believes that in 2019, consumption will continue to play a fundamental role in economic development. The new consumption promotion policy will focus on the following aspects: one is to allow consumers to have goodsWells Fargo stock trading and services to consume, to improve the quality of goods, and to enrich the choices of goods and services; the second is to let consumers have money to consume, and to enhance the purchasing power of ordinary people; Those who are guaranteed to consume without worries, that is, to improve social security and optimize the consumption environment; the fourth is to allow consumers time to consume and encourage consumption through policies such as paid vacation.

The reform of the ChiNext and the pilot registration system are our opportunity and a heavy responsibility. 'Being a pioneer in the industry, creating a world brand', with a new stage and a new mission, Eurotel will continue to explore and climb new heights in the style of reform! Looking ahead, Wang Heqiu is full of confidence.

3100-3500 shock: focus on profitability and take advantage of the trend. At the end of October, when the market was pessimistic, it was clearly proposed to approach the downside and actively deploy. Looking back, we should focus on profitability and take advantage of the trend. Specifically: First, the domestic economic recovery is advancing in depth, and the profits of listed companies at the micro level have improved. The global economy is expected to be repaired in 2021 despite short-term ups and downs. Therefore, the upward profitability is the basis for the downward trend of the A-share market. Second, external risks have basically landed, Sino-US relations are expected to usher in a marginal improvement, and market risk appetite will rise from the bottom up. Third, after the easing policy and liquidity expectations shift, risk-free interest rates and liquidity are no longer the core factors driving the current stock market. In the next stage, the improvement of earnings beyond expectations and the continuity of the earnings boom will become the focus of investment strategies. Under the shock, the focus will be on structure.

On the evening of November 24, Dahao Technology, an A-share company that had been suspended for one day, issued an announcement that the company plans to issue shares to purchase 100% of the asset management company held by the controlling shareholder Yiqing Holdings and 45% of the Red Star shares held by Jingtai Investment. The company also plans to raise supporting funds.

On February 26, the institutional and business department seat funds in the Dragon and Tiger rankings were net sold for 5.7 billion yuan, of which 24 stocks were net purchased and 22 stocks were net sold. The top three net purchases of stocks were TEDA, Gaohong, Ankong Technology, etc. The net purchase amount accounted for 62%, 61%, and 04% of the day's turnover.

From August 16th, the Prime Minister presided over the state meeting to deploy support for the reform of interest rate marketization to reduce the actual financing costs of enterprises and promote and support the development of the real economy. The marketization of interest rates is the key direction for solving the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises in the future. The LPR reform was emphasized at the State Council meeting on June 26 and the central bank conference on July 12. We believe that the focus of this meeting is to reformWells Fargo stock trading the quoted interest rate of the loan market, to substantially reduce the level of credit interest rates, and to increase banks' risk appetite.

On January 13, Yinhua Technology Innovation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund was officially launched. The original deadline for fund raising was January 21. However, a reporter from the Securities News learned from the issuance channel that the subscription amount of the fund had reached the first day of sale. 4.7 billion yuan, far exceeding the 1 billion yuan limit, will end the fundraising early and start the doomsday proportional allotment.