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Since its establishment, the first phase of the National Large Fund has been adhering to the principles of market-oriented operation and professional management for operational investment, while adhering to the principle of organic integration of national strategies and market mechanisms to guide fund investment. MainlHow to buy NEEQ selected stocksy use various forms to invest in enterprises in the integrated circuit industry, and give full play to the guiding and supporting role of large funds in the development of the integrated circuit industry. The first phase of the National Big Fund adopts a corporate business model, which is essentially different from the previous subsidy model.

On November 3, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved the Baihetan-Jiangsu ±800kV DC transmission project with a total investment of 30.7 billion yuan and a transmission capacity of 8 million kilowatts; State Grid successively disclosed Baihetan-Jiangsu on the e-commerce platform on the 23rd and 24th of this month The first equipment bidding and procurement of the project and the second service bidding and procurement, the equipment-side procurement involved a total of 20 sub-projects, including the main core station equipment converter transformer, converter valve, DC wall bushing, AC transformer, combination Electrical appliances, DC control and protection systems, etc.; the service end is mainly civil construction such as converter stations and substations. Among them, this Baihetan-Jiangsu project requires 3 ordinary converter valves, 3 flexible straight converter valves and a total of 6 package numbers.

Judging from the recent movement of northbound funds, statistics from Yuekai Securities show that since November, the return of northbound funds has been obvious. This month has accumulated net purchases of 53 billion yuan, and its net purchases in September and October were -328. 100 million yuan and 20 million yuan. In terms of specific markets, this month's Shanghai Stock Connect net purchases were 40 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchases were 13 billion yuan. The flow of northbound funds has changed significantly following the market style.



From the perspective of industry configuration, Soochow Securities put forward three ideas for the fourth quarter: one is to focus on industries and companies that continue to improve the performance of the three quarters; second, from the game level, the fourth quarter will be a rebalance of styles, optimistic about underestimation The banking, real estate and automotive sectors of the value industry; the third is the leading company in the field of technological growth. The high prosperity and high growth rate enable it to quickly digest the current high valuation.

In the evening of November 19, the NAFMII conducted a self-discipline investigation of Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Holding Group Co., Ltd. and interviewed a number of intermediaries, and found shares of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. and Centaline Bank. Co., Ltd. and other lead underwriters, as welHow to buy NEEQ selected stocksl as China Chengxin International Credit Rating Co., Ltd., and Sigma Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) have allegedly violated the self-discipline management rules of the inter-bank bond market.

Judging from the disclosure of annual report appointments, the annual reports of *ST Jinbin, *ST Lotus, *ST Integration and other stocks will be disclosed in March, and the annual reports of more than 40 stocks such as *ST Beauty, *ST Jinshan and *ST Nantang will be published in Disclosure in April.

Chen Danqing quoted Matisse in the second season of "Parts" as saying that there is always a gap between art and the public. Chen Danqing said: I know that this sentence will offend'the public'. Although I am not sure who the'public' refers to, I agree with this sentence. If you put it in the field of animation movies, this gap is essentially a mutual search and balance between artistic expression and the market, from the theme to the trend of the story, and the design of hot topics.

In addition, CITIC Securities pointed out that, affected by the pace of early UHV approvals, this round of UHV construction will usher in the second phase of the market after the Baihetan-Jiangsu project has been tendered. It is recommended to focus more on core site equipment head suppliers with stable historical order shares and clear market patterns, and track the subsequent publicity of successful bid candidates. It is recommended to focus on Guodian NARI and Xu Ji Electric, and it is recommended to pay attention to Xidian.

On the morning of March 30, the official website of the central bank reported that in order to maintain a reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system, the People’s Bank of China launched a 50 billion 7-day reverse repurchase operation through interest rate bidding on March 30, 2020. The winning interest rate was 2%. , Down 20 basis points from the previous 4%.