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MSCI also mentioned that the research team will collect market feedback and conduct a comprehensive consultation on whether to further includShort-term stock operation skillse A shares next year. At present, the main concerns of foreign investors for subsequent expansion include-hedging tools need to be expanded, the mainland and trading holidays are different, Differences in the delivery cycle of Chinese and foreign stocks.

From a consumer's point of view, pork prices are now relatively high. We must take a rational view of price fluctuations. It takes a cycle to improve the tight supply of pork. In addition, producers cannot all rush to raise pigs in a swarm to avoid price fluctuations.

With more resources, better education, and a better living environment, the young people have a completely different investment attitude from those born in the 60s, 70s and even 80s. Some of them use stock trading as a learning tool, and some take stock trading as a career. The well-educated post-90s have more professional knowledge reserves than the former wavers, and value investment has become their core investment logic.

However, some organizations believe that the upward space for future indexes is limited, and the game market is greater than the trend opportunity. Orient Securities said that looking at the current position, the index may still have upward space but the space is relatively limited, while the risk of downward fluctuations is increasing. The current price/performance ratio of the heavy warehouse game is not high. In terms of industry configuration, pro-cyclicality is still the main line of the current round of market. It is recommended that along the main line of economic recovery, appropriate layout of low-level stagnant varieties such as theater movies, civil aviation transportation, and textiles and clothing.

Our reporter Du Yumeng currently holds 69% of the value of my country's circulating stock market by foreign investors, which is a very low proportion. Therefore, there is still great potential for opening up to the outside world and introducing foreign funds into my country's stock market. On September 6, Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the 2020 International Financial Annual Forum. Tong Diyi, general manager of Longying Fortune Assets, said in an interview with reporters that one of the reasons that caused foreign investment in A shares to fall short of expectations is that my country has certain restrictions on the remittance and remittance of foreign investors’ cross-border funds. Restrictions, that is, to submit a special review report on investor income issued by a certified public accountant, as well as materials such as tax filing forms, which are relatively cumbersome. However, as my country’s cross-border fund management reform in recent years has eliminated the last obstacle for foreign investment in A-shares, it is expected to see more positive performance in terms of investment intensity in the context of increased investment convenience. As internationally renowned indexes such as MSCI, FTSE Russell Index and S&P Dow Jones Indices have successively included A shares in the global index system, to some extent, they can be regarded as a'signal' for foreign investment in A shares. Tong Diyi said that the inclusion of A-shares in international indexes and the increase in the proportion of A-shares not only represent the deepening of the opening-up of A-shares, it is more similar to issuing a global asset allocation certificate to the A-share market. From a logical point of view, in the future, as the international index further increases the proportion of A-shares, the motivation for foreign investment in the A-share market will continue to increase. In recent years, in order to further accelerate the pace of internationalization of the capital market, the regulatory authorities have issued a number of sincere opening policies. For example, starting from April 1 this year, all restrictions on foreign shareholding in securities companies and fund management companies have been lifted; for example, with the continuous optimization of domestic and foreign market interconnection mechanisms, this year's QFII and RQFII quota restrictions have also been lifted; in addition, Not only has the daily investment quota of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect increased substantially, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has successively launched Shanghai-London Stock Connect and China-Japan ETFs in recent years. Pang Ming, chief economist of Huaxing Securities, told reporters that the A-share market has great potential for attracting foreign funds. On the one hand, under the influence of this year’s epidemic, thanks to the remarkable effectiveness of China’s epidemic prevention and control and the accelerated resumption of production and production of enterprises, China’s economy The strong resilience of the company has been further manifested, and from the point of view of the year, among the world’s major economies, China’s economy is the first to achieve recovery; on the other hand, with cyclical control measures and the gradual release of demand, corporate confidence continues to increase, supply and demand cycles, and trade exports Continuous improvement has further promoted the steady recovery of RMB assets, which in turn has created a strong driving force for foreign investment in A shares. In addition, as my country continues to promote a full range of reform and opening-up measures, including optimizing the business environment and investment environment, this has made the risk aversion, investment return and allocation value of RMB assets more valued by global investors, thereby further promoting , Attracting the accelerated inflow of cross-border capital, enhancing its allocation demand for stocks and bonds. Pang Ming said. It’s worth noting that although the current capital market opening to the outside world has achieved relatively obvious results, just as people are going to the top, the opening of my country’s capital market under the new situation has further aimed at promoting reforms through opening up and promoting market-oriented reforms. New goals for greater openness. In Pang Ming's view, in order to further attract global institutional investors to increase their holdings of A shares, on the one hand, China must continue to unswervingly promote the reform of the capital market basic system, improve the construction of multi-level capital markets, improve the quality of listed companies, and improve domestic investors The structure of domestic financial assets has promoted more reasonable pricing of domestic financial assets and maintained the smooth operation of the capital market. On the other hand, it is necessary to continue to promote the high-level opening of the capital market, increase free trading, risk hedging and price discovery between different markets, and steadily promote the RMB Internationalization will gradually expand the coverage of asset classes that foreign investors can invest.

Due to the inherent advantages of heterojunction cells in many aspects, we believe that heterojunction cells will most likely replace existing photovoltaic cell technology routes in the future. At present, the photovoltaic industry’s investment enthusiasm for heterojunction production lines continues to increase, and subsequentShort-term stock operation skills industrialization The process is expected to accelerate. In terms of cell equipment, we recommend Maiwei shares, and it is recommended to pay attention to Jiejia Weichuang and Jinchen (603396); in terms of cell manufacturing, Tongwei shares and Shanmei International (600546) are recommended, and Oriental Risen is recommended.