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After the market closed on June 2, the net inflow of northbound funds on that day wasCNN stock market close to 2 billion. This also means that in just two trading days since June, the net inflow of northbound funds has been close to 12 billion, continuing the strong inflow performance since April. (Click to view the capital flow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect>>)

According to the information of Gloria, after the completion of this non-public offering, Gloria will provide high-quality CMC R&D and production services for the innovative drug companies invested by Hillhouse Capital and its related parties; Hillhouse Capital will rely on global innovative medicines The market's investment layout and innovative drug assets have actively promoted Kailai Ying to significantly increase the breadth and depth of serving innovative drug companies.

In addition, for non-bank financial stocks, according to the private equity ranking net’s survey results for fund managers, 667% of private equity are optimistic about the rotation of non-bank financial stocks in the procyclical sector based on the improvement in profitability and the historical performance of financial stocks at the end of the year. The Jedi counterattack in the market.

Thanks to the general development trend of new energy vehicles, the charging pile industry has also ushered in the spring of development. In 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure", stating that it will strive to basically build a moderately advanced, pile-together, intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system by 2020, and satisfy more than 5 million vehicles. The charging needs of electric vehicles.

The varieties of the national medical insurance negotiations are mainly aimed at high-priced varieties that are exclusive or protected by patent periods. Starting this year, the National Medical Insurance Administration has initiated the adjustment of the new version of the medical insurance catalog. This is also the first comprehensive adjustment after the establishment of the National Medical Insurance Administration. It is also a comprehensive review of all drugs in 18 years. The new version of the medical insurance catalog is divided into two parts: regular access and negotiation access. In August this year, the regular access catalogue was released.

In addition to Changan Automobile, several stocks thatCNN stock market saw the highest gains in the previous period, such as Palmy Technology (603533), Huafeng Aluminum (601702), Runhe Materials (300727), and Xiaokang (601127), all withdrew sharply yesterday.

I'm not too worried about the phenomenon that the high-quality White Horse stocks that the market is worried about have institutions grouped together to keep warm. First of all, this kind of high-quality white horse stocks have continued to rise independently of the market for a long time. They are everywhere in the world's mature stock markets. The 9-year bull market in US stocks is actually only the continuous rise of the stocks of a few high-quality leading companies, most of which are uncompetitive stocks. mediocre performance. Behind this is actually the result of a rational market choice under the value investment logic. The more mature the value investment concept is in the market, the more prominent this phenomenon will be, and the more investors can understand and recognize it;

Northeast Securities pointed out that from the perspective of demand-side reform related expressions, on the one hand, expanding the consumer market by cultivating consumption scenarios, on the other hand, it emphasizes the expansion of middle-income groups. In addition, the emphasis is on enhancing the independent controllability of the supply chain of the industrial chain, and combining technological innovation with the independent controllability of the industrial chain. The industries that are stuck, especially the artificial intelligence, quantum information, and integrated circuits emphasized in the 14th Five-Year Plan, deserve attention. . Guojin Securities predicts that next year, there may be policies to encourage consumption and imports to achieve the purpose of expanding domestic demand, and exports will still perform well in the context of supply substitution.

With regard to the influence of market style, Baotuan consumption and increased distribution technology will still be strengthened. On the one hand, due to the economic downturn and uncertainty, and the stable performance of leading consumer companies, consumption grouping will continue. Zengfei Technology has been deduced in the recent market, and the core logic lies in the drive of autonomous controllable and 5G investment chain. LPR reform is not conducive to bank stocks in the short-term, which is reflected in the impact of changes in bank performance expectations and profitability. Since banks' credit investment is mainly large and medium-sized enterprises, most of them are high-quality enterprises, including central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, which will cause bank spreads to narrow .