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In addition, Yan Yuejin also said that the essence of such policies is actually the adjustment of ordinary housing standards. In fact, there are many cities that need to adjust the standard of ordinary housing. Generally speaking, according to the real estate cycle, adjustment is reBuy stock indexquired every three years. The content of the policy this time is also instructive for many cities across the country, that is, the follow-up also needs to actively adjust the standard of ordinary housing according to the city's housing prices and ordinary housing needs, so that more people can enjoy preferential policies.

Goldman Sachs economist Andrew Boak and others said in a research report that the Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to cut interest rates by 25 basis points at policy meetings starting in March, and said that they will not rule out a 50 basis point cut on Tuesday, which will increase Australia’s economic growth in 2020. The forecast is lowered by 80 basis points to 3%.

In addition to active partial stock funds, related ETFs also made a lot of money in the 2019 bull market of technology stocks. Data show that the Southern China Securities 500 Information Technology ETF, China Merchants Shenzhen Stock Exchange TMT50 ETF, GF China Securities All-information Technology ETF, Cathay Pacific CES Semiconductor ETF and other products have all increased by more than 50% in 2019.

Chuancai Securities pointed out that due to the mileage anxiety in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, improving the construction of charging infrastructure is the only way for the development of the new energy vehicle industry. Many governments have set up rigid indicators to guide the construction and layout of charging piles to ensure that the quantity of charging piles can meet the charging needs of electric vehicles. China Merchants Securities pointed out that overall, as the sales of new energy vehicles continue to increase, the asset utilization rate of charging facilities will further increase, and with the strengthening of policy support, the construction of charging facilities will accelerate.

At 0:00 on Friday, Beijing time, data released by the US EIA showed that as of the week of February 14th, US commercial crude oil inventories excluding strategic reserves were unexpectedly lower than expected, and both refined oil inventories and gasoline inventories were reduced. The well-known financial blog site Zerohedge commented that after the unexpectedly large increase in crude oil inventories in the previous week, analysts expect that crude oil inventories may increase again, but the actual data only recorded an increase of 450,000 barrels. U.S. crude oil production remains at a record high. Cushing's crude oil inventories fell for the first time in 4 weeks, and oil products also declined significantly. Oil prices were on the rise before the data were released, and the EIA crude oil inventories recorded a smaller-than-expected growth this time, and oil prices are expected to maintain high fluctuations.

From the perspective of the reasons for the rise in the sector, the Tesla theme catalyst is even more obvious. The US stock market's 16% rise overnight was the direct cause. Further analysis found that the surge in US stocks Tesla was stimulated by the sigBuy stock indexnificant progress made in the construction of the super factory.

From the perspective of the rising structure, procyclical stocks skyrocketed across the board. Exxon Mobil in the energy sector rose 68%, Occidental Petroleum rose 47%; Citigroup in the banking sector rose 7%, and Wells Fargo rose 75%. The trend of large technology stocks is also relatively stable. Only the concept stocks in new energy vehicles, which had skyrocketed in the previous period, stalled last night, and Kaixin Automobile plunged nearly 24%. From the perspective of the reasons for the increase, there are three main reasons: First, the US General Services Administration Director Emily Murphy notified President-elect Biden and his team on the 23rd that the Trump administration is ready to officially begin the regime transition process; It is the news that former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen will be nominated by the Secretary of the Treasury that has also boosted market sentiment. This is what the brokerage has published yesterday evening in the manuscript "Will Wall Street Hi? Biden has another big move. Will this woman be the treasurer? The handover of the U.S. Department of Defense has begun, and the candidate for Secretary of State has also emerged. What is the meaning? "There are important mentions; third, the frequent good news about vaccines has made the market more optimistic about the prospects for future economic recovery. So, how will the A-share market perform today?