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In March, China Mobile announced a total of 37.1 billion yuan in the 2020 5G Phase II centralized procurement plan for wireless network main equipment. Huawei (525%), ZTE (268%), Ericsson (145%) and Xinke (62%) won the bids. Three domestic companies, incl

There were 40 cities with rising second-hand house prices and 53 cities with rising new house prices, both of which were the lowest points in the market in the past two years. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline Real Estate, said that among them, 28 c

After the market closed on June 2, the net inflow of northbound funds on that day was close to 2 billion. This also means that in just two trading days since June, the net inflow of northbound funds has been close to 12 billion, continuing the strong infl

The insurance industry has developed rapidly since it resumed business in 1979. The total assets of the insurance industry have grown from less than 300 billion yuan at the end of June 2000 to nearly 22 trillion yuan at the end of June 2020. The total inv

Strengthen performance management, supervision and accountability. Audit institutions shall conduct audit and supervision of budget performance management in accordance with the law, and financial and audit departments shall promptly transfer to the disci

In addition, the Ping An Research Ruixuan Hybrid Fund managed by Li Huasong made its debut on the same day, with a raised cap of 8 billion. According to sources, the funds subscription funds have also exceeded 20 billion yuan. Ping An Fund quickly issued

The A shares have recently stopped taking medicine, and the wine bureau is still continuing. On November 5, the two markets continued to rebound, and the Shanghai stock index returned to above 3300 points. Liquor stocks have once again become the most bea

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