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In October 2014, the China Securities Regulatory Commission officially issued the "Several Opinions on Reforming, Improving and Strictly Implementing the Delisting System of Listed Companies." Compared with the previous delisting system, the biggest highlight of this round of reforms is the improvement of the concept of active delisting and tHow to system after purchasing stockshe addition of two new scenarios for compulsory delisting, that is, clarifying the principles and standards for illegal delisting of major information disclosure and delisting by fraudulent issuance.

However, according to people familiar with the matter, the biggest motivation for this acquisition was the high degree of compatibility of values ​​between the two parties. During the six or seven years of its establishment, Kuaishou insisted on not promoting and not disturbing users, while Station A would rather close it. Unwilling to charge users.

However, the total financing scale of the A-share market this year is 978.3 billion yuan, which is not high compared to previous years. The A-share market financing scale exceeded 5 trillion yuan in 2019, and even exceeded 2 trillion yuan in 2016.

(Personal profile: Jin Bin, successively served as stock analyst, research director, and fund manager in the research department of Guotai Junan (), Guotai Junan Research Institute, and Yinhua Fund. In 2013, he founded Fengling Capital and served as chairman and investment director. Mr. Jin Bin insists on value investment, has a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience.)

Feng Fuzhang of Essence Securities said that the first stage is represented by AVIC Shen Fei and others. It is expected that the growth of fundamentals will accelerate in the future and will achieve a large increase in the short term, but there is no valuation bubble, which will have a driving effect on other target valuations in the sector. The second stage is recommended to focus on AVIC Hi-Tech, Aerospace Development, Aerospace Electric, AVIC Electromechanical, Yaguang Technology, Beimo Hi-Tech, Ziguang Guowei, etc.

On April 25, the "Announcement on the Suspected Illegal Sales of Vanke Projects" issued by the Xi'an Municipal Housing Management Bureau of Shaanxi Province showed that it includes Vanke Citylight, Vanke Oriental Legend, Vanke Golden Mile Huafu, Vanke Xingfu Li, Vanke Golden Mile International , Vanke Jade Tianyu, Vanke Golden Mile East County, Vanke Jade International and other 12 projects are suspected of illegal How to system after purchasing stockssales without a license.