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On July 2, Stellite announced that the company had recently received the "Approval for the Approval of the Non-public Issuance of Shares by Zhejiang Stellite Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, which approved the company's non-public issuance of no more than 704.68 million new shares. ; The approval is valid within 12 months from the date oOriginal stock purchasef approval of the issuance.

The "Report" shows that in 2019, the investment experience of individual investors has been greatly improved, and the higher their academic qualifications, the higher the degree of risk appetite, and the more inclined to high-yield and high-risk investments. In 2019, individual investors further increased the proportion of stock investment in household wealth allocation. 52% of surveyed individual investors made a profit in stock investment that year, with 10% to 30% in the mainstream profit range.

In 2019, natural gas consumption increased by 25.1 billion cubic meters over the previous year, an increase of 9%. In the future, as the coal-to-gas project slows down, the growth rate of natural gas demand is expected to slow down. In addition, the Sino-Russian east route natural gas pipeline is put into production, domestic natural gas is produced on a large scale, and the supply of natural gas resources has grown rapidly. After the LNG receiving station project is put into operation, the risk of excess imported LNG resources will be highlighted [3]. In the context of oversupply, the growth of gas sources will be mainly based on domestic gas and imported LNG spot, both of which are low-priced gas sources. It is expected that during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the cost of domestically produced LNG will decrease, but the price of LNG delivered from receiving stations will be more competitive and increase at a faster rate.

However, the northward capital, which has always been called smart money, seems to be incompatible with market enthusiasm in the short-term adjustment of positions. According to data, on November 3, foreign investors chose to flee the auto sector at a high level. Together with the industries that were sold were home appliances, automobiles, building materials, basic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, they bought banks, non-bank finance, non-ferrous metals, computers, media, etc. industry.

From the data in Table 3, it can be seen that the overall activity of hot money is relatively high. There are 11 hot money that have been on the list more than 10 times this week. The Tibet Dongcai Lhasa department is still the most active hot money. From the perspective of net purchases, hot money Trading performance was mediocre. The number of sales offices with net purchases of more than 100 million yuan increased to 13, including hot money Guotai Junan Jiangsu Road sales department, hot money Huaxin Securities Branch, hot money Industrial Securities Shaanxi branch, hot money Oriental Fortune (300059) Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road Second Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Beijing Songzhuang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department, Hot Money China Merchants Securities Shennan East Road Sales Department, Hot Money UBS Garden Shiqiao Road Sales Department, Hot Money Nanjing Securities Nanjing Dazhongting Sales Department, Hot Money Xiangcai Securities Ningbo Shuguang Road Sales Department, Hot Money Orient Securities Pudong New Area Yuanshen Road Sales Department, Hot Money Yuekai Securities Nantong Gongnong Road Sales Department, Hot Money CICC Fortune Securities Nanjing Taiping South Road Sales Department.

However, ovOriginal stock purchaseerall, the seasonal characteristics of crude oil trends in 2019 are not very obvious. This may be related to more factors affecting the trend of crude oil. In addition to supply-demand factors, Yangfang's stock platform crude oil will also be affected by factors such as macroeconomics, geographic conditions, capital, and weather. Because many influencing factors determine the fluctuation of oil prices, the seasonal characteristics appear weak. Sui Xiaoying said.

Jiang Guohua, a professor at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management and deputy dean of Peking University's Graduate School, proposed that the key to making the Science and Technology Innovation Board a Nasdaq must be independent enterprises, free transactions, and neutral supervision. He believes that the establishment of the Science and Technology Innovation Board should completely abolish the stock price limit. At the same time, it corrects some unscientific measures that do not play a positive role but have potential negative effects, so that the capital market is truly market-oriented.